The Basement - Jan. 5th 2008

Suspect Earth - sold out show

Vinnie Salvatore is a guitarist with the hard rock band, Rat Bastard Syndicate, which also includes Steve Theado on guitar & vocals, Lennard James on bass & vocals and Keith Pickens on drums. The group formed in Columbus, Ohio as a trio in early 2015 and expanded to a quartet in September 2016. Theado, Pickens and Salvatore are former members of American Dog.

It is worth mentioning here that Salvatore and Pickens were not in American Dog at the same time, although they did perform together with Theado in December 2011 at the venerable Cock n' Bull where the group held its annual Christmas party. The occasion was scheduled to be Pickens' farewell concert with American Dog. Bandleader Michael Hannon did not take part in the proceedings. Salvatore was a last-minute addition on bass and it became a free-for-all with a rotating cast of characters on vocals, a late-addition keyboardist, and even a couple of guest drummers. This also marked the first time Theado, Pickens, and Salvatore performed live together.

Salvatore was a member of American Dog from 2013-2016 during the final years of the band when it expanded to a quartet. He appears on their 2014 album, Neanderthal. After a lengthy hiatus that began in 2015, the band reunited as a trio for a concert on July 29, 2016, sans Pickens or Salvatore. American Dog originally formed in 1998 with Michael Hannon on vocals and bass (ex-Salty Dog and Dangerous Toys), Steve Theado and Keith Pickens, the latter replaced by Michael Harris in 2011. Salvatore previously played guitar and bass in The Godz (2009-2013), the American hard rock band fronted by the legendary Eric Moore, appearing on their 2012 studio album, Last of the Outlaws, along with From the Vault Volumes 1 & 2.

Vinnie was born and raised on planet Earth. Sometimes he eats meat, and sometimes he eats a salad. He prefers whole foods like real dairy-butter and avoids margarine, multi-vitamins, edible food-like substances (the western diet), and "anti-bacterial" soap.

Some of his favorite musical artists are Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper, Alex Harvey,  Miles Davis, Junior Brown, Jet, Mudvayne, Stravinsky, and Clutch. In 1995, Salvatore recorded the EP, Highway To Corn And Peanut Hell under the name "Skid Baxter" (a character created by Chirs Crickard). Thus was born The Skid Baxter Project.

As one reviewer put it, "On the album, one can hear the Zappa influence distinctly, with the vocal asides and snippets of musique-concrete." Gentle Giant and Junior Brown had become an influence on him by this time. An EP titled SBP was recorded and released in 1997, featuring some songs that would later appear on No News From America. Avid Skid Baxter fans quickly devoured it. The conceptual No News From America was released in the Spring of 1999 and features several talented guests. Among them Chris Sutton, whose soulful guitar-playing graces four cuts, three of which include drummer - Tracy Spears. No News From America was digitally re-mixed and re-mastered in 2002. Also in 2002 the word "Project" was permanently dropped from Skid Baxter.

Salvatore shared lead-guitar duties with Matt Venus in the prog-rock outfit, Logarhythm from 1999-2002, founded by multi-instrumentalist - Linda Dauwalder-Dachtyl (keys and piano); and included her husband, Cary (drums and percussion). "Raw Deal in Furniture" and "Donut Shop People" were among the Skid Baxter numbers featured in the band's setlist. Salvatore and Linda Dachtyl would later play in the Walt James Band together, albeit on different instruments.

Another Skid Baxter album, Tongue Tracks in Ice Cream was released in limited quantities through mail-order only in the fall of 2003 and quickly sold-out. Once again Chris Sutton lended his guitar-wizardry and also sang lead vocals on "Too Big Dad". Matt Venus appears on three cuts including the instrumental "Frankz Furnace" on which he trades guitar-licks with Sutton.

In 2001 Salvatore recorded and engineered the album, 7 ate 9 by Chris Sutton's band, Blue Cat Sky. He also produced Sutton's Vance Lintlock album, The Return of Vance Lintlock in 2002; and played bass on the song, "Vandalia's Rising". In January 2003 Sutton teamed up with Mark "The Harp" to form C&S Railroad in Barboursville, West Virginia; with Salvatore producing their self-titled debut album in February. One of the goals achieved in making the C & S Railroad album was to capture the spirit and atmosphere of a live field-recording from the 1920s and 30s. It features 14 of Sutton's dynamic mountain-blues originals exploring the Delta and Piedmont styles.

Mr. Baxter in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

in 2009 Mr. Salvatore was a member of swamp-rockers, Danballah a short-lived band fronted by Johnny Weils, former lead vocalist for the southern-metal band, Alabama Thunderpussy. This followed a three-year stint as bassist for Suspect Earth that saw the release of their album, Hard To Drag in 2007 on BoFi Recordings.

Salvatore also played bass in The Walt James Band, a power-trio based in Columbus, Ohio. featuring  Walt James on guitar and vocals and Linda Dauwalder-Dachtyl (a familiar face) on drums. The band recorded the much-acclaimed album - Arrival, released worldwide in 2003. Walt has toured and recorded two albums with UFO bassist Pete Way. He has also performed and recorded with Columbus, Ohio's notorious Lollipop Factory. In early 2005 Salvatore's evil twin brother, Trapper John, joined forces with Sukus. The band was put on hiatus during the recording of their debut album in Septenber 2005. A version of the album was released on the Sukus website in 2008 entitled, "Tales From The Majic Sack".

Meanwhile, the Skid Baxter "Nowhere Space" (EP) was recorded and released in 2006, with both Chris Sutton and Tracy Spears figuring prominently in the proceedings.


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